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Many pet owners struggle to find options for dependable care for their dogs and cats when they have to go out of town. Capital Heights Veterinary Clinic provides the perfect solution for pet parents who need boarding services for their pets and prefer to have veterinary supervision for their furry family members. If you live in the Greater Baton Rouge area, and you need a home away from home for your four-legged friends, bring your babies to us, and we’ll take good care of them for you. When you board with us, you can have peace of mind while you’re away knowing that your pets are safe and well cared for.

At Capital Heights Veterinary Clinic, we take pride in our clean and secure boarding facilities that accommodate both dogs and cats. We maintain separate quarters for our canine and feline friends to ensure a stress-free stay for all visitors. Dogs are walked two to three times a day, and they are taken outside to play as well in our new 2,000 square foot exercise yard. Every feline lodger has a roomy cage for stretching out and catnapping. Our feline friends receive individualized attention at least twice a day, and they are supplied with cozy beds, blankets and litter boxes.

We request that pet owners bring food from home to avoid upset tummies that occur with a sudden change in diet. If food is not provided by the owner, we feed our guests Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. Our staff monitors the appetite and urination/bowel movements of each boarded pet, and our veterinarian will be alerted if any problems are noted. If your pet is on medication, we will administer it as needed.

All boarding guests must be current on vaccines for their own protection and for the safety of other boarders and patients. Additionally, all visiting pets must be receiving flea-prevention treatment. We require new boarders to come for a "tryout" day, to see how they handle our routine.

After an extended stay, to ensure that your pet goes home fresh and clean, we recommend a bath. We offer separate bathing services that you may want to take advantage of while your pet is staying with us. Please let us know if you care to have your pet bathed when you make your boarding reservation.

Please call today to make a boarding reservation at Capital Heights Veterinary Clinic. We recommend booking a spot in advance since we tend to fill up quickly during holidays and popular vacation times. Boarding pets must be picked up after 3 p.m.